Advanced Fire Doors substation door repair and substation door replacement rely on the many year’s experiences of our maintenance and installation technicians and on our quality components, specifically designed for remote locations to prevent vandalism or other unwanted intrusions.

Substation Door Replacement

Substation Door Replacement

Advanced Fire Doors substation doors come with a wide variety of options specifically created to suit the needs of particular substations. These include earthing points, ventilation options, padlock shrouds, hasps and staples and lift-off hinges. Advanced Fire Doors experts will be delighted to discuss your requirements, to design a cost-effective substation door solution to suit your particular needs.

Advanced Fire Doors substation doors include the following features.

Ventilation is provided through punched louvers on the external skin of the Substation Doors and/or spaces on the inward skin. These can be fully louvered, half or solid.

Cost effective
Our sub-station doors are specifically designed to be used on plants and substations and are a secure, robust and cost-effective alternative for your business.

Advanced Fire Doors locking systems are designed to deter against unauthorized access by vandals and others who may wish to harm your business or equipment.

Advanced Fire Doors specialise in:

Substation Door Repair
If your Substation Door is damaged due to vandalism or simply wear and tear, call Advanced Fire Doors all about your substation door repair needs. Our consultants will give cost-effective expert advice and quickly resolve your substation door problems.

Substation Door Maintenance

Substation Door Repair

Substation Door Repair

In order to ensure that your Substation Doors remain secure and attractive, Advanced Fire Doors can provide substation door maintenance to ensure they remain fit for purpose in the long term.

Substation Door Replacement
If the Substation Doors on your facility are no longer secure or attractive, call an Advanced Fire Doors consultant to discuss your substation door replacement.

Advanced Fire Doors substation door installations, substation door maintenance, and substation door repair are FDA Australia Code of Practice compliant. For more information on any substation door or fire door services or quote, please call us on 0419 874 215.

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